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Many people see Joey Nuzum and think of him in different ways.  To some, he is a Master Nitjutzu Martial Artist while others see him as a Mind-Over-Matter Master,  a Mentalist or Thought Projectionist.  Others will see him as a powerful India Kali Warrior  or Indonesian Pelat Senjat mystical arts practitioner.  While different people may label Joey Nuzum in various ways, all will agree that his magick, illusions and thought projections are beyond belief or beyond magick.


Dr. Berthold Schwartz, M.D.-- Vero Beach, FL

"Joey Nuzum is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever studied and researched.  Studying his abilities in Psychokinesis, Telekinesis and Spontaneous Combustion can be used to assist science and consciousness research in ways that have yet been ways that have yet been realized."


            Alix Imich, Parapsychologist-- New York, NY

"I personally witnessed Joey Nuzum levitating his body in the Ramada Inn hotel room I was staying in.  He levitated his body up four inches and floated across two feet and landed in a circle on the ground he created using a rope."


Beverly Rubik, Biophysicist-- Oakland, CA

"I observed Joey Nuzum moving a block of wood using his chi energy and then I gave him my ball point pen which he moved around the room using his psychokinesis abilities."


Ray Adams, Ex-policeman-- Washington, PA

"One of the most incredible things I ever saw was the time Joey Nuzum made himself invisible right in front of my eyes.  Another time I witnessed him levitate a spoon to the ceiling where it bent in mid air before falling to the ground."


Ernest Meckelburg, Parapsychologist-- Schweien, Germany

"Nuzum's abilities are more impressive than those of Uri Geller and Kulagina."


Melvyn Prior, Stage Magician-- Cincinnati, OH

"What he's doing is genuine psychic ability, I saw him levitate my own quarter under a glass without using threads, magnets, fake coins or any tricks."


Johnnie Yandel, Ninjutzu Instructor-- Philadelphia, PA 

"Joey was one of my top students and there were Ninjutzu techniques he created that were at a master's level of performance"


Jill Matteck, Entertainment Director-- Vero Beach, FL

"I saw Joey do many amazing things like moving objects on a table while he was 10 feet away from the objects"


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