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E C L E C T I C   D I S C I P L I N E S


With over 35 years of training, Joey Nuzum grew up on a diverse range of influences, disciplines and esoteric teachings in the “Magick Arts.”  From Houdini, Kellar, Blackstone and more, Joey Nuzum has integrated many practices and ancient traditions from China, India and Indonesia.  


Joey Nuzum has mastered many mind-over-matter studies in his China Ninjutzu advanced training as a 6th Degree Ninjutzu Master, 4th Degree Indonesia Pilat Senjak Martial Arts disciplines and India Kali Warrior pratices.   Mr. Nuzim has created his own "Magick Illusions," Thought Projections" and "Mind-Over-Body" ancient mystical feats that have been astounding martial arts teachers, audiences, scientists, magicians and parapsychologists all over the world. 


Joey Nuzum continually works with some of the top magicians and magic manufacturers in the world as both a consultant and advisor as well as inventing magic feats and stunts for them.



 new3harryhoudini218741926.jpg okitotheobamberg18751963.jpgnewlouissilentmoramccord18841972.jpg

     Houdini's Ecape Arts            Okitos' Mystical Arts        Silent Mora's Nijutzu Arts



NOV 12, 1985

Globe Newspaper Article, “Foundary Workers Psychic Feats Stun Scientists”

FEB 19, 1991 

Examiner Newspaper Article, The New Uri Geller, Psychic Amazing Mind Power”

JAN 19, 1994

International Psychosomatics Institure Publication, “International Journal of Psychosomatics Annual Issue Report, author, Dr. Berthold Schwartz

JAN 27, 1995

People Magazine Article, “The Odd World Of Joey Nuzum”

APRIL 26, 1996

Journal of the Society for Psychical Research Report, “Joe Nuzum, A Little-Known Psychic” author, Alex Imich

JAN 12, 1997

 Journal of the Society for Psychical Research” article on Telekinesis

FEB 23, 1997

Scientific demonstration on Psychokinesis testing conducted by Dr. Beverly Rubick, Biophysicist

MARCH 5, 1997

Alternate Perceptions, Journal of Paranormal Phenomena report by Dr. Berthold Schwarz M.D

SEP 23, 1997

 Experiment Performances for MIT Board Directors Funding 

DEC 12, 1997

Clear Light Productions; Mysterious Forces Beyond-- Discovery TV Network

MARCH 18, 1998

Alternate Perceptions Published Report; author, Dr. Berthold Schwarz M.D.

APRIL 9, 1998

NBC TV show appearance demonstration -- The Other Side

OCT 15, 1998

Experiment Performances for MIT Board Directors Funding 

NOV 16, 1998

Alternate Perceptions, Journal of Paranormal Phenomena report by Dr. Berthold

Schwarz M.D

MARCH 27, 1999

Appearance at Mensa Fund Raiser for “Give Kids The World Foundation”

NOV 13, 1999

Scientific Testing Demonstration sponsored by Dr. Berthhold Schwartz

FEB 8, 2000

BBC Network; Angel & A Prayer Production TV documentary, “Strange Phenomena”

MAY 17, 2000

Public performance/appearance, “Make a Wish Foundation” fund raiser

APRIL 23,  2000

Discovery TV Network, Clearlight Productions TV Documentary, “Mind Over Matter”

JULY 20, 2002

Discovery TV Netowrk, GRB Productions TV Documentary, “Human Spontaneous Combustion”

AUG 3, 2003:

Alternate Perceptions Journal of Paranormal Phenomena Report, “Presumed Laser Beam PSI Bending Telekinesis

JUNE 21, 2004:

SCI FI TV Network; Cosgrove Productions-- Proof Positive TV Series Segment


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