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For Immediate Release: January 24, 2005



Mentalist Baffles Top Scientists & Fellow Magicians


Joey Nuzum’s Beyond Magick Productions” are beyond magic, beyond belief and beyond explanation.  Nuzum’s feats have baffled some of the top scientists and researchers in the country with many saying, “it’s the most incredible experience I’ve ever had.”


Listed below are a few highlights of Joey Nuzum’s performances that are captivating audiences, scientists, fellow magicians, parapsychologists and more.   These feats need to be experienced in order to be believed.


       2 of the strongest men from the audience can not push Nuzum over even while standing on one leg.


       2 of the strongest men from the audience can not pull Nuzum’s 2 little fingers apart in the most thrilling “tug-of-war” ever seen.  This magical feat amazes, amuses, astounds and entertains audience’s to new heights.


Members from audience examine spikes, spoons, coins, keys and forks before Nuzum “stares” at them making them bend like butter without Nuzum ever touching them.


      Joey Nuzum “stares” at a piece of paper making it bursts into flames without ever touching the paper.  


      Nuzum walks through solid matter while audience members assist him.  Audiences are thrilled witnessing his ‘mind-over-matter’ & ‘matter-through-matter’ mastery.


Below are key highlights on Joey Nuzum’s internationally renowned performances and demonstrations:


Featured on prime-time TV documentaries and TV shows in USA, England, Canada, Germany and Japan including-- Discovery TV Network; NBC TV Network; Fox Television; SCI FI Cable TV Network; BBC; Fuji Television; Nippon TV Network.



Featured in national trade magazines and newspapers including-- Examiner; Globe; People Magazine; Alternate Perceptions, Journal of Paranormal Phenomena; International Journal of Psychosomatics; Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.



Performed demonstrations for researchers, graduates and top scientists in the country including MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Frontier Science Institute; AnomalousPhenomena Research Center; Dr. Berthold Schwarz Independent Research Studies.



Performed for many historic city events and national sponsors including Celebration, Florida which is the town that Walt Disney designed; Give Kids The World, MENSA International;  Make A Wish Foundation.



Top scientists, researchers, magicians, parapsychologists are giving rave reviews & quotes saying Joey Nuzum’s feats are much more impressive than Uri Geller or David Blaine. 



Joey Nuzum continually works with some of the top magicians and magic manufacturers in the world as both a consultant and advisor as well as inventing magic feats and stunts for them.

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