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About Us
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   I N N O V A T I O N

Beyond Magick Productions is a full-service entertainment production company that has evolved from the spectacular magick performances of Joey Nuzum.  We produce live media event performances where science, entertainment, mystical arts and magick serve all business sectors. 


We serve a diverse range of clients form Universities; Colleges; Charity Media events, Fund Raisers; Pledge Drives Corporate Events; Concerts; Tours; Trade Shows & Conferences; Faires; Festivals; Community Events; Grand Openings; Churches; Concerts; Live Events and more.  We can help you design, market and produce the results you want in a "Beyond Magick Production."


Every production performance we produce follows the “Teachings and Philosophy" of Joey Nuzum's India Kali Ninjustu martial arts-- "Amazing, Astounding, Mind over Matter."  Joey Nuzum's productions combine Entertainment, Education and Ancient Mystical Arts into spectacular shows that defies logic, science and explanation.


Beyond Magick Productions can provide your company or organization with a diverse range of productions and services in your event planning.  Please review our menu of services and production packages we offer. 


We can also customize a magick publicity performance, and mind over mater themed charity event specifically for your company or organization, event theme, trademark, historical elements.  Let us show you how we can produce your event with various developments from sponsorships, promotions, co-op advertising, grand openings, fund raising, merchandising and more with another spectacular Beyond Magick Production

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